There's something about us I want to say. 
Cause there's something between us anyway.



KAYWON UNIVERSITY OF ART & DESIGN | Majored Display & Exhibition Design
VDAS Visual Design & Art School | Motion Graphic Design


Actually, the sensation of our desires and our own identity is formed and operated by our signs surrounding ourselves. In some cases, a different meaning could be conveyed to us according to media regardless of the contents of a message, in other cases, even the communication that makes a sense is non-communicable at all. Visible signs vary in their meaning conveyed to us according to the method of their realization or and the viewpoint where the signs are shown. 
In addition, the emotional response to the visible signs might be varied according to our experiences. There are many cases where we tend to think of lots of things we commonly see or have seen as very familiar to us or to take them for natural things. Thus, I think it’s important for us to have an attitude of seeing the commonplace as diverse and to have an attitude of have an unusual look at the commonplace. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean looking at the commonplace by simply distorting their form, or trying to transform them. On the contrary, it means an attempt to discover the non-contrived, natural state.  


I thinks there is nothing completely new. To be creative doesn't mean making something perfectly new, but it is possible when one tries to re-discover and re-interpret the things which were already named, defined and very common. 
Perhaps, the most difficult job to us may be looking at the things properly which we failed to see before other than looking for the things that we have never seen. The things which seem ordinary and commonplace are already talking about themselves in a specific circumstance. 
We have only to find out a new name and a new meaning from these things which were already named and defined. Similar figures but unfamiliar circumstances, Therefore, I thinks of the task of discovering the things which are familiar to us but, from which we feel detached as much important as discovery of science. The task of looking at the things again we have failed to see properly all this while,through which it might be perhaps possible to understand something about us and in the end about myself.



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